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Sujonohun is a design studio that explores the relationship of space, material and objects in an interior environment. To create a harmonious look, our top tip is to pay attention to little details in an object, as intricacy creates an additional layer of sophistication within the environment. At the end of the day, investing in quality, outstanding pieces that are true to your personality will in turn bring pride in your daily routines at home.

Sujono Lim & Molina Hun
Director & Creative Director
@sujonohun  |  sujonohun.com

Get inspirations on #minimalist and #Scandinavian inspired living spaces, curated from an array of products from our portfolio of brands: 
Bang & Olufsen, Georg Jensen and Ro Collection. Read on to learn more about Sujonohun’s top picks.

Bang & Olufsen
 Featuring the Beoplay A9, a balance between sculptural and playful, yet this basic geometrical shape will fit in ay home interior. The simple details infused with varying textures and refined materials create an understated luxury that will stand against time.

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Georg Jensen
 Next up, the Bernadotte is a perfect example of modern classic elegance. The shape and ribbed detailing accentuates the essence of Georg Jensen’s craftmanship and technical perfection. Striking and recognisable when displayed alone or with your florals.

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Ro Collection

Last but not least, the cool tones of Hurricane adds a touch of luxury to your home without overwhelming the interior. Adorn it with candles or blossom and create that perfect spot for a lazy Sunday in bed.

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